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Proizvodi označeni s 'Calocybe'

Calocybe gambosa

Cap is convex then spread, the edge is sinuous, thick and fleshy, creamy white color, stem is white color, fibrous and cylindrical, growing from spring to early summer along the edge of the forest, under the bushes.

Calocybe ionides

Cap is conical bell shaped then spread, a little bulging, purple or purple-brown color, stem is the same color as the cap, growing in moist coniferous and deciduous forests.

Calocybe persicolor

Cap is widespread, bulging the edge is irregularly wavy, pink color, stem color varies from white to reddish purple color, growing in the summer and autumn on pastures, along the roads and forest edges.

Calocybe carnea

Cap is convex then widespread and depressed, radial fibrous, color of flesh or pinkish brown color, stem is pale pink color, growing in the summer and autumn along the edges of coniferous forests, pastures, meadows.