Korpa je prazna.

Iz liste karakteristika odaberite one koje možete tačno indetifikovati.

Albatrellus cristatus

Cap is irregularly spread, wavy, velvety surface is covered with scales, brown, olive green color, stem is eccentrically positioned, short, hard, white or olive green, growing in summer and autumn in the deciduous and coniferous forests, the buried remnants of trees or roots trees.

Albatrellus ovinus

Cap is fleshy,irregular, convex,fan-shaped,growing on forked stems,citrus yellow or brownish color with greenish hues,the edge is wavy and lobed, stem is irregular, eccentric,white and yellow,growing clod in the summer and autumn in mountain areas coniferous forests.

Albatrellus pes-caprae

Cap is widespread and depressed, the edge is sinuous, dark brown in color, covered with rough scales, the stem is tough, scaly, yellowish, irregular and eccentric positioned, grows in the autumn in the deciduous and coniferous forests.

Albatrellus subrubescens

Cap is irregular,roundish, and then spread fan-like, whitish cream to greenish yellow colors,the edge is wavy,stem is eccentric, full and hard,whitish in color with brown spots, growing clod in the summer and autumn in the coniferous forests.

Boletinus cavipes

Cap is convex, then widespread and bulging, brown or rusty color, the surface covered with hairs, stem is thicker and hollow, light brown color, grows in the summer and fall only under the larch.

Boletus aemilii


Boletus aereus


Boletus albidus