Korpa je prazna.

Iz liste karakteristika odaberite one koje možete tačno indetifikovati.

Gyromitra esculenta

Cap is irregular,roundish, surface cap is irregular sinuous,like the brain or intestine, brown color ,stem is white or pink color, ribbed, growing in May and June in the coniferous forests of the stumps.

Helvella crispa

Torus is formed of an irregular cap and stem. Cap has a saddle shape of two or three lobes, the surface is wavy and wrinkled, whitish ocher color, a the stem whitish color, longitudinally grooved, growing in late summer and autumn in the deciduous and coniferous forests, along roads.

Helvella fusca

Torus has a saddle lobes shape.Lobes were inflated and irregular,grown into with the stem,brown ocher or brown color,stem is whitish to cream colored,longitudinally grooved,growing in late spring in poplar forests.

Helvella lacunosa

Torus consisting of a cap and stem. Cap consists of three irregular wings, gray-brown or brownish black color with a white color shades ,stem is light gray color,longitudinally grooved,growing in the summer and autumn in the deciduous and coniferous forests,along forest edges and glades.

Helvella monachella

Torus formed by the cap and stem,has a saddle shape lobes.Lobes are irregularly curly,dark brown or black and brown color ,stem is white color,smooth,growing in late spring in sandy soil along streams,in parks and meadows.

Helvella monachella var. fuscescens

Torus formed by the cap and stem, has a saddle shape lobes. Lobes are curly irregular, the upper surface is dark brown or black-brown colored, lower surface is pale brown color ,stem is light brown colored, smooth, growing in the spring along the edges of deciduous forests, along roads.

Helvella queletii

Torus are formed from the stem and cap,a cap has the look of of cups,irregular wavy edge,inside surface cap is a dark brownish gray brown colored,the outer surface whitish to ocher gray color,stem is longitudinally grooved, white or whitish gray-ocher color,grows in the spring various forests.

Helvella sulcata

Torus consisting of a cap and stem. Cap consists two or three irregular lobes, the surface is irregular and humpy, varies from whitish gray, olive gray or gray-brown color ,stem is light gray color, longitudinally grooved, grows in glades in the summer by grass or moss.

Leptopodia atra

Torus is formed by the cap and stipe,a cap has the look of a saddle or irregular plates, irregular edge, surface cap is humpy and distorted,black to black and gray color,stem is smooth, longitudinally grooved and ocher to brown blackish color,growing in summer and autumn in the sandy soil,in parks,along the edge of the forest,the arson.