Korpa je prazna.

Iz liste karakteristika odaberite one koje možete tačno indetifikovati.

Bovista nigrescens

Torus is round,white color,on the pressure shoots like a shell of boiled eggs,on the surface is smooth scale-like,membrane later disappears and becomes a dark reddish brown in color,grows in the summer an meadows and pastures,the higher regions.

Bovista paludosa

Torus is a pear shaped,stem is irregularly grooved,white color,the surface is finely warty,growing in late summer in swampy meadows and pastures.

Bovista plumbea

Torus is round,white color,on the pressure shoots like egg shell,grows in the summer meadows and pastures.

Calvatia elata

Torus are formed from the head and stem,the head is round,finely nipples, stem is thickened,finely nipples,inflated,whitish gray to ocher brown colored,growing in late summer and early autumn along the edges of forests,in forest glades and mountain pastures.

Choiromyces meandriformis

Torus is irregularly,it may be tuberous,round or compact hard,the surface is rough and grooved,varies from whitish to cream-brown colored,flesh is yellowish brown colored,growing in late summer and autumn,half buried in the ground in deciduous and coniferous forests.

Clathrus ruber

Torus developing under the ground in a round or ovoid shape,yellow color,from the torus growing lattice cart bright red color,the interior is filled with green flesh.

Elaphomyces anthracinus

Torus is round,the surface is smooth or finely wart, dark brown colored,the meat is brown blackish color, growing in different seasons in the surface soil in deciduous and coniferous forests.

Elaphomyces echinatus

Torus is round and slightly flattened, the surface varies from greenish yellow to dark brown and black color, Torus of the membrane is rusty ocher color, flesh is blackish, grows under the ground surface in the winter and spring under different trees.

Elaphomyces granulatus

Torus is round, hard and compact, the surface is small wart, yellow, rusty brown to ocher color, flesh is chocolate brown and black color, growing in autumn and winter, buried in the ground,under fallen pins in coniferous forests.